Welcome to the web sites of South-Pacific-Golf.com Ltd, a company devoted to promoting the South Pacific countries and islands as a great place in which to live and a great place to visit.
  Our various web sites present an information-providing independent pictorial guide of a wide selection of the South Pacific golf courses, hotels, luxury home stay accommodation, road rentals and attractions available for the pleasure and convenience of citizens and visitors alike.
  Our objective is to pictorially display in web page form, in an impartial manner, the attractions and services of golfing in the South Pacific in association with tourism services and providers throughout the region. We are in effect producers and publishers of an ever expanding golfing and travel provider guide to the South Pacific.
  Our hope is that by providing this service we will help provide information for those travelling within or visiting the region.
  We invite you to use the e-mail buttons placed on almost every page to inquire further of those golf clubs and travel providers who attract your attention.
  South-Pacific-Golf.com Ltd does not hold itself out to act as an agent for any of the golf clubs or travel providers who are included in the overall network, nor do we make claim to any expertise in providing golfing or travel advice.
  We go to some trouble to ensure that only reputable companies and organisations are represented on our pages, but we cannot take any responsibility for the service provided as we have no influence or control over how such services are provided. You will be dealing directly with the golf clubs or travel providers contacted by you. They receive your messages as a result of activating any e-mail button other than those clearly intended for users wishing to contact us directly.

This disclaimer applies to all web sites under the control of South-Pacific-Golf.com Ltd, including:

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